FiltaBac Case Studies

Mr Mallo's Hind Leg and FiltaBac

| Jan 25, 2017

Mr Mallo cut his off-hind leg 3 weeks before this photo. For 3 weeks his owner was bandaging and using dressings costing £7/ day. The wound was not progressing, he developed a capped hock and pressure sores from the bandages. She had already been using FILTABAC as a total sunblock and read up on its other applications as a wound protection cream so decided to give it a go.

DAY 1: a good layer of FILTABAC antibacterial wound protection covering the entire area, no bandaging required.

1 WEEK: FILTABAC was applied daily, over the existing cream cover and on the 3rd day, gently washed off to remove old cream, serous ooze and review the area. Then the area was pat dried before re-application as above.

2 WEEKS: the wound continues to become shallower, remains pink, the wound edges drawing together, swelling reducing. 3 WEEKS: ‘FiltaBac has lasted a good three weeks so great value for money. So far very pleased and it seems to be healing quite well. Hopefully it will heal with minimal scar tissue.’ Mr Mallo’s owner.

5 WEEKS ‘I have tried various other things which are also supposed to create a second skin however due to the size of this open wound the other products simply would not stick long enough to dry and stay in place. So I resulted in Aloe Vera and manuka honey under the bandage. I think it’s (FiltaBac) definitely going to be my first port of call now where wounds are concerned. I wish I had found this 3 weeks ago. I could have avoided the bandage sores, capped hock and extra expense.’ ‘Mr Mallo's leg has continued to improve. It's closing up now. I have been able to bring him back into light work after 5 weeks of FiltaBac as he seems much more comfortable on it.

11 Weeks ‘Mr Mallo is back in full work now and is coping fine with only a small amount of cream on. I can't tell you how cost effective it's been .. A truly brilliant product! I certainly won't use anything else!’

14 WEEKS ➞ Closed wound, no white hair, no evidence of scarring, just some hair growth to go to cover over the wound edge.